Telecom Giants Are Winning the Battle Over Net Neutrality, But We’ll Win the War


My personal feeling around the battle over net neutrality is that the telecom companies are winning; we the people are slowly losing net neutrality until we will barely be able to remember it ever existed in the first place. Small legislative affirmations of Net Neutrality that still chip away at its protections are in no danger of stopping, now that the telecom giants are more powerful than ever. But there is a positive counter-reaction to corporate and government dominance of a medium that so many believe is vital for the future of equality and commerce. As leakers and activists have exposed government spying, corporate data-mining, and a host of other privacy concerns, the public has become more aware and informed. We may be losing the legislative battle, but since Snowden the amount of people thinking outside the box when it comes to maintaining internet freedom is quite encouraging. From the idea of launching massive servers on the world’s tiniest micronation so that it could serve as a data-haven, to creating personal networks beyond the scope of companies or governments, people around the world have already moved on to the next step of democratic action after the current internet is divided into fast and slow lanes. They’re thinking of what the next version of the internet can be, an internet that can keep on being by the people, of the people, and for the people.


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