Going Indy is Possible…If You Accomplish It Before the System Drags You Down


The Robert Greenwald, viewer-funded model of journalism is certainly an intriguing one for any aspiring entrepreneur or independent journalist/filmmaker.

On top of this, the calculation that personal success can be derived using this same method, but on a smaller scale––as in Kevin Kelly’s argument that a motivated and active independent content producer can exist with just 1,000 fans––should be enough to make any aspiring creator who’s sick of corporate fiddling re-evaluate their life and career course. Or at least consider that option among a range of valid possibilities.

I know I felt that way.

Building a media company may be well outside my means, and most likely my abilities, but building a personal core of devoted fans to a certain personal brand or mission? That sounds accomplishable.

For good and bad, it’s also the type of venture that it is easy to do on the side, out of a necessity to pay the bills while you build a base. Having the keen ability to know the balance between your practical 9-to-5 work and the personal venture you build on the side is not easy. Even as a college student I can easily imagine the pressures of loans, payments, and a family pushing the possibility of pursuing a personal venture out of the realm of possibilities. The comfort of a larger paycheck takes over, and the necessity to provide for others––with the hope that eventually they can achieve personal success in a free and independent manner, perhaps––causes a person to suppress the pains of abandoning one’s own ideology and accept a place within the corporate structure.

I wish I had an answer on how to balance the different elements personal security and personal passions, but I’m just at the beginning of my own attempt to exist outside some reprehensible corporate entity. Wish me luck.


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